Wednesday, October 08, 2003

An angel helped when I was scared! 

One day
I was walking outside the school
but it was a cloudy day
and it was dark...

I saw a crow flying above my head
and I got nervous.

I said a prayer:
Help me God,
O Jesus

Then a bright angel
with big wings
and a michael jordan body
flew by and said:

"Hop on my back!"

His smile was warm and the 2 minutes
it took him to fly me home
was fun:

'cuz he told me that
God us always answers our prayers
when we are scared!

Friday, October 03, 2003

New Song from Estonia: Great rejoicing! 

There is a great rejoicing in the sky,
great rejoicing by and by
great rejoicing in the woods,
great rejoicing: more is good

As I hunger for the presence of my God
In Estonia,
As I wait and wonder for the presence of my savior
In Estonia

great rejoicing in the new world
great rejoicing from the past
great rejoicing of the mercy
from God throne ever-last

great rejoicing in the city
great rejoicing in the university town,
great rejoicing with the birth of baby
great rejoicing in a wedding gown

and I hunger for the presence of my lord
in Estonia
and I wonder, "let me enjoy the presence of my Father
in Estonia

run on the land
and swim in the river
dry off on blanket
in the little park

walk through the garden
to learn about botanicals
drink a little coffee
and laugh to the music

pray in the silence
of your closet and kin.
sing silent 'thank you's'
when town bells daily ring

hurry and get busy
until its time to let go
and slow down

feel the beauty within you
and feel God all around

feel the beauty in each other
and see God all around us when we celebrate his
presence together.

As we hunger for Jesus' presence
in Estonia
As we eat the bread and wine: the Divine,
in Estonia
As we love each other through presence of God
in Estonia
And our wanderings cease and we have a place of rest
the Eucharist
in Estonia

Until the end of time when we sleep: then we come to final
rejoicing---as well all down together in the Eucharist
In Estonia
the precursor to heaven.---by KHAR

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